• Incident Detection

  • Network Design

  • Security Advisory

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Appliance Test

  • Advanced Services

Incident Detection


In case of a data breach, we give your company technical assistance, process or technology support to minimize the damage and help to prevent further damages from attacks.

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Secure Network Design

Network architecture re-designing

Designing a network is one of the first steps of creating a safe working environment.

Choosing a topology, deciding roles and rules, choosing the right equipment are important and we can assist you while making decisions.

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Security Advisory

Lets work together to create better security for you

Either it is short term or a long term concern, we do analyze your needs together and offer you an acceptable solution; by both means of security level and affordable budget we look for the right fit together.

We do offer you best practice and alternatives; we do fine tune the best practice to fulfill your specific needs, while improving the security level.

We do anaylze your appliance or software purchase needs, both for short term or long term, assist you to choose the right product. We can also test your security appliance, to determine if it is suitable to your network or not.

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Penetration Testing

Let us check your network like your worst enemy!

Health Check Test

We do penetrate in to your network! Scan vulnerabilities by both automated-well known tools and by manual mind-hand works just same as an advanced hacker does. We prove you the vulnerabilities are able to lead a successful result or not. We do report the facts and offer you remediation, after all we recheck the vulnerability to be sure that the remediation was successful.


We are not blackhat hackers, but we are following same lines when serving as red team!

Our advanced pentests includes waiting for days, sleepless, looking for and coding for exploiting the right vulnerability without getting caught to your security systems and policies.

Work schedule and roadmap depends on security level and precautions of the facility to be tested, main goal is to hack in to the systems, not to follow a regular road map.

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Security Appliance Test

Lets determine does it fit to your environment securely

We are here to prove your appliance is not secure!

Every security appliance has it’s own weaknesses, a security professional should know it’s own weaknesses and get related precautions and or developments, take the necessary risks.

We would love to check your new appliances, test their capabilities, check them against design failures, note their security levels and report the work we have done.


We do analyze your appliance both for short term or long term purposes;

Before you buy it we can test if it is suitable to your network or not or after you buy it we assist choosing the right conditions to run it securely.

We can also test your security appliance, just in case, if you have any doubts about security.

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Professional Services

Advanced Services

Professional Services for Advanced User Needs

Secure Software Design

Creating a secure software starts with a good software architecture, continues by following the secure coding methodologies and from time to time testing the work in a security point of view.

We can assist you with all these steps by step or each step separately.


APT Detection & Cyber Threat Interception

We are the best security team when we work together with you!

We analyse you well, we define your security concerns together. Evaluate them; check if they are true concerns and define the possibility of your concerns becoming to real life and cause a loss.

Just after the evaluation; we offer you the optimum solutions and discuss if your budget is ready or needs improvement. We plan your improvement moves, we improve both your human-based security abilities and technological protection abilities of your systems.

We do interfere in your security operations, as just as you need; not more, not less…

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