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Questions & Answers

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How can I trust ISR, will you be seeing my private documents?

ISR team consists of security professional that already run over hundreds of penetration tests, seen over than thousands of vulnerabilities, screened many documents during penetration works, but we do our job as whitehat hackers and helping on fixing security vulnerabilities before blackhat hackers find them.

We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) ensuring that during penetration tests, even a vulnerability leads to a successful penetration and reaching to most valuable –  private information, we preserve it’s confidentiality first.

We do  prove the vulnerability exists, report it to authority that you assign us to and also mark it to further rechecking & making sure it is completely fixed.

How can we arrange a remote penetration test?

At first, we need to confirm that have the right/owner of the network (IP’s to be tested).

Requester should be either owner or an authorised person speaking in the name of owner.

If you can fulfil this requirements, then we are able to start a remote work by both acquiring PDF scans of authorization papers and signed NDA. We also sign NDA agreement and send you an electronic copy.

I am not sure that I have a data breach or not, what should I do?

At first, we listen your specific need, feel free to contact us by e-mail.

Afterwards, we check if your network is still vulnerable to remote attacks. If we detect any risks that seems to lead a breach, we do a penetration test; try to activate vulnerabilities.

After all we do report you outcomes of our work, and discuss further precautions, services or other next step moves.

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