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ISR Security –

Information Security Labs

 We are working for improving your security.

Even from fundamental topics to advanced; ISR Security works on covering security needs; for development of security disciplines, developing software and hardware projects.


ISR is a security company that especially specialized in providing solutions to SME’s.

With it’s advanced team, security assistance services offered for SME’s.


If you want to harden your cyber security, feel free to contact us.

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Among Our Clients


Index Group

“Customer Portal Testing”

IT Products Distributor

Distributing more than 200 worldwide brands and operating with more than 7.500 business partners, our customer is holding the leadership position in Turkish IT sector since 2001.

With the mission of distributing all kinds of IT products to IT firms, customer portal has a huge variety of users and penetration tests are done periodically by ISR.

Founded vulnerabilities are reported, consultancy for security hardening, network architecture has been given.


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Jolly Tour

“PCI Compliance and Penetration Test”

Tour Operator

Connected with 600 active sales points and more than 3.500 employees brands, Jolly Tour operates as one of the successful tour operators in Europe.

In order to increase the security awareness of both back office, front office and call center employees, ISR scheduled an awareness training according to penetration tests (social engineering) results.

ISR is also security advisor of the Jolly Tour development team.


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“Security Penetration Test”

Technology Solutions Provider

Located over 70 countries and 300 locations, Avnet Inc (NYSE:AVT) is a Fortune 500 company that is leading partner of Avnet Technology Solutions TR.

ISR has conducted penetration test service for Avnet Technology Solutions TR complying with international security standards of Avnet Inc.

In order to maintain a secure network, network architecture advisory and awareness training services are given.


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